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Exact improvement steps depend on findings during total immersion into the project on location. Improvement percentages historically exceeded the forecast that was based on the customer’s initial job description. Some changes will be minuscule, others more pronounced. Aggregate results are usually considerable. There has not been a case where predicted results were not achieved, although that possibility exists. The customer’s absolute cooperation is required. Statements like, “I have never seen it done this way” are sometimes used by a customer’s personnel. This shall not prevent a suggested approach from being used. Also, the improvement percentage cannot have a preset upper limit. There is no magic wand. All suggested changes are based on experience, and well within safety limits. Improvements are only limited by the combined possible capabilities of Machine-tools, fixturing, tooling, and the will of those involved to exhaust the equipments’ capabilities.

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How It Works

We make production metal machining companies’ machining processes more efficient. If our consulting work does not improve your machining operations, then you pay nothing. Pay is tied to throughput percentage increase on machining operations. The customer pays based on a prior agreed on formula.

Types of Operations

Any production metal machining of steels, irons, stainless steels, brass, bronze, and aluminums on horizontal, and vertical machine tools and systems.

Types of Parts

Engine blocks, railroad axles and wheels, hydraulic equipment components, pneumatic equipment components, winch components, brake drums and rotors, gear boxes, gears; any metal parts from fist size to ships’ engines size components in either the Imperial or Metric system.


Preliminary work is off location to provide an improvement possibility estimate and assure a running start. Thereafter, it will be at the customer’s location In the USA, Canada, some European countries, and Mexico. Note: Companies in foreign countries must be divisions of an American company.

Time Required

From a few days to a month, depending on part complexity or number of different parts on which a customer desires throughput improvements. Total plant management per agreement.

OPEFCO’s Responsibility 

To closely analyze the operation, suggest changes, work with the customer’s employees to institute changes, and instruct those employees in why the changes are made, so the employees can initiate similar changes on other similar work within the company.

Customer’s Responsibility

To provide any and all answers to questions regarding the existing process, and to fully cooperate with all changes suggested by OPEFCO. The physical changes relating to CNC programs, tooling, fixturing, etc., are performed by the customer’s personnel under OPECO’s guidance. All CNC program changes must be dry-run to eliminate the possibility of a crash caused by typographical errors.

How OPEFCO Gets Paid

Payment is based strictly on a percent-improvement-performance formula agreed on prior to OPEFCO’s involvement after an improvement forecast is made. It’s a one time payment. Thereafter the customer keeps on benefitting from the ongoing improved throughput.

When Payment Is Due

Payment becomes due upon completion of the service. If the amount exceeds $5,000.00 US currency, then the remainder can be paid in weekly $5,000.00 installments. Any per diem or travel charges are due in full weekly, or upon completion of the service. All air travels will be booked and prepaid in advance by the customer.

Is A Purchase Order Required

A purchase order is not required until the customer decides to engage OPEFCO’s service after an improvement forecast has been made. A good forecast requires all information about an existing process provided on and along with the Customer’s Production Project Information.

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Optimum Efficiency Consulting

18586 Vesper Drive Clinton Township, MI 48035


Optimum Efficiency Consulting 
18586 Vesper Drive
Clinton Township, MI 48035
Email: Bill@opefco.com