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An evaluation of a project of yours that you feel could benefit from throughput improvement is entirely of no charge, however, in order to make such an evaluation we will need pertinent information. Please fill out the form below with as much information as deemed necessary, and we will respond within a week with an improvement percentage forecast. Any and all info is strictly confidential. We are looking forward to be of service. 

Please answer all questions with an asterisk (*) before placing PO
Questions without the asterisk (*) should be answered after placing purchase order.
Select whatever is applicable where multiple conditions exist.

You may print out the form and snail mail along with pertinent information. Click here for the printable version of this form.

*NOTE: Load and unload times are beyond control, therefore, they are not considered part of the machining cycle time.

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Optimum Efficiency Consulting

18586 Vesper Drive Clinton Township, MI 48035


Optimum Efficiency Consulting 
18586 Vesper Drive
Clinton Township, MI 48035