The benefits of using an outside source in assisting improving your machining throughput.

The benefits of using an outside source in assisting improving your machining throughput.

Your own employees are usually assuming it’s as good as it gets. They have become conditioned to their way of doing things. An outside source experienced in a huge variety of production machining often sees a slightly different, perhaps better way of doing things. This can result in considerable improvements. In case of, a machining consulting firm, they never failed to see a better way of turning or milling on either manual or CNC equipment. Their attempt to make improvements is free. If the results are positive, they are worth infinitely more to your company than you will ultimately, after the results are in, pay for the service. Too good to be true? The proof is in the pudding, so send us a brief description of what you are machining. OPEFCO. com will respond. They won’t waste your time, nor their own.

Machining consulting firm focuses on the following:

Safety, dimensional accuracy, surface finish quality, and chip control. When resulting changes are combined, they, within a relatively short time effect throughput improvements heretofore not experienced. Attempts to harmonize these factors is free unless the results bring about a throughput increase of ten percent minimum. OPEFCO’s customers pay after getting the results. This is an assurance, and a double plus to the cutomer.

Protect a current production project through ongoing throughput improvements.

The search for improving a project must be ongoing for several reasons.

  1. If you don’t do it, a competitor will. Your company could then possibly lose an existing contract.
  2. Improving production throughput cuts the floor to floor time, raises the profit line, plus makes room for additional projects.
  3. Other good news of having improved an existing production project is that it raises employees’ confidence in job security, for they too realize his/her employer’s competitiveness just improved. It is spirit lifting to all involved. A happy employee is a good employee. has uplifted spirits in this fashion in many places, so why not in yours. Let it pay for itself in a big way.

The way to start is to send an inquiry to briefly describing your largest production machining project. We will take it from there. It is essential for OPEFCO to know what you are doing, so neither party will waste time if Opefco cannot be of assistance.

What sets one production machining consultant apart from another.

Scope of Knowhow.

Opefco’s scope is very large. It encompasses nearly all machining processes whether manual or CNC. Machining of steels, irons, aluminums. Turning, milling, drilling, reaming, boring, tapping, broaching, lapping, honing, gear cutting, or any combination thereof. Single station, single axle, multiple station, multiple axle, single pallet, or multiple pallet equipment. The brand name of the equipment is not a factor because Opefco’s consultant does not do any button pressing. It’s the point of action between the tool and the workpiece that is of concern, and so is the fixturing method.

Your brief description of your process lets us know if we can make a difference. Contact Us to get started.